Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors
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Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors: The Perfect Fusion of the Outside with the Inside

Your Home represents more than a place where to rest after a long day; it also has an emotional meaning as it is a place where you can be connected with yourself and your family. For such connection, a home should have a feeling of freedom and naturality. To achieve this, we must find the right balance between the exterior and the interior of our home. It is fascinating to enjoy the landscape or our beautiful garden, which give us a respite from our urban life. Answer: Slimline Frame  Aluminium Doors.

Slimline Frame  Aluminium Doors: the perfect fusion of the outside with the inside
Imagine you have a big window where you can enjoy the beauty of a sunny day, watching your children playing with the dog in the garden or contemplate the nostalgia of a rainy day. You need an option that accommodates the outside with the inside of your home. Nowadays, the perfect solution exists the Slime Line Aluminium Doors; which can provide of full-transparent, thermal and secure folding-sliding frames.
They are the latest and most advanced system that optimizes the maximum sightlines to the outdoors and brings the natural touch to your home. The Silme Line Aluminium doors can be as slim as just 50 to 100 mm thick, providing the best interaction of the interior of your home with your garden or an overwhelming landscape.
Slim does not mean bad insulation
The Slimline Aluminium Doors offer an excellent thermal insulation performance through a double or triple glazing where a standard door system can achieve high U-values of 1.63 W/m2K. This means a fresh home in summer and a warm home in winter without sacrificing your home illumination. They also have specific levels of fire resistance that make them secure while meeting the current building regulations.
Aluminium: a premium material
The aluminium is a versatile material that has a natural corrosion resistance and a good strength which results in a maintenance-free product that is light, sustainable and provides a premium feeling to your home. The lifespan of the aluminium products being measured by decades instead of years. They also offer the advantage of being colored in a great variety of colors which can endure for years. The aluminium allows the maximum amount of glass with the minimum amount of frame to optimize the sightline of your rooms and recreative areas.
Good-looking designs
The Slimline Aluminium Doors offers design freedom so you can fully customize with your creativity without compromising the maximum entrance of light to your home. There is also an extensive range of profiles where you can choose from. Each frame can be as big as 120 cm wide and 300 cm high so that you can be really connected to the garden, patio or landscape that you love so much.
Several glazing variants are also available which comes with different technical variants to meet your thermal and fire resistance requirements and the contemporary architecture as well. For example, the triple glazing can make the system applicable to obtain a low energy building.
Natural light for a natural home
There is no better way to illuminate your home during the daytime than use the sunlight. Now you can have the benefits of the sunlight without suffering from all the UV rays and high temperatures. Such benefits of the sunlight are the feelings of a healthy, anti-depressing and natural ambience and a home full of wellness since the sunlight has recognized healing powers, it boosts energy and strengthens organs. So be sure that the Aluminium Doors offers more than a durable and resistant product. The Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors can provide over 90% more natural light to your home. This could save electricity since there is no more need for artificial light during the day.
Oh, do you think there are no more benefits for night time? Well, let me tell you that moonlight offers the same benefits as the sunlight, but it can give a romantic and pleasant ambiance to your room for you and your mate.
Security is first
Most of the Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors systems come with cylinders on multi-point locking systems for improved security for those unwanted visitors. These systems also provide thermal and weather resistance managing to resist high-speed winds during storm conditions. The structural stability is guaranteed with the use of high-quality materials.
The Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors can be used in a large variety of sets that fit the architecture of your home. You can now transform once a grubby and dismal room into a bright, warm and comfortable space for relaxation. Or better you can merge your entertainment room with your garden for the superball grills and surprise your guest with a magnificent football night.
The Slimline Aluminium Doors offer green energy and advanced materials, locking systems and thermal insulation solutions. All these benefits with a premium and modern feeling that improves your lifestyle with a close encounter with nature. Additionally, no more usual lousy doors that are so difficult to clean and maintain, your Slimline Aluminium Doors can be easily cleaned and be in perfect conditions for decades.
In conclusion, the Slimline Frame Aluminium Doors can get the outside to the inside of your home, giving the feeling of wellness, modernity, and security to your home from now on. You will enjoy the nature of the day and beauty of the night in your living room.

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