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Sliding Aluminium Doors – New look for spring

In the past, a narrow hinged door led to a terrace or balcony. Today, of course, such doors are still available, but apart from them, we have a number of other solutions to choose from. Among them, special attention should be paid to sliding aluminium doors systems.  Those systems allow you to make the most of the available space, eliminate barriers and communication restrictions and optimally use the space inside the house or apartment.


Large glazing overlooking the terrace or balcony not only increases the flow of natural light into the rooms. Provides a panoramic view of the immediate vicinity of the house. In the past, such solutions were extremely expensive and only a few investors could afford them. One of the obstacles was also the lack of appropriate sliding aluminium doors systems.

Today, a real revolution has taken place in this area. Glass “walls” with a width of up to 6.5 m can be successfully installed in the house. In addition, can be freely passed through, using advanced, comfortable and extremely precise sliding aluminium doors systems.

Of course, swing balcony doors are available all the time, but today they are used on a slightly smaller scale and in smaller rooms. They have the disadvantage that they open inwards, taking away from us valuable space, and often also hindering communication. In turn, sliding doors are an ideal solution in large living rooms, often connected to the kitchen, from which one opens directly to the open space of the garden.

Many of  leading manufacturers of this type of solutions had created an innovative HST lift and slide door system. The leaves in these doors can come in several versions and have a very different layout (2- or 4-door). All depending on the individual preferences of the user. Optimally, their span can be over 6 m (one sash can be up to 3.2 m wide). Each version of the HST model is based on an extremely advanced mechanism that allows the door to be opened freely with little force. How it’s working?

Turning the handle down from the closed position causes the heavy sash to rise by several millimeters, releasing the pressure of the seals and thus allowing it to move freely. Thanks to the system of rebate gaskets, the door is very tight, and advanced fittings translate into great comfort of work. Despite its enormous size, HST doors remain an effective barrier against heat leakage. The modular nature of the structure allows for any three product configurations, depending on the expected thermal parameters.

The great advantage of the structure is the lack of architectural barriers. The threshold flush with the floor ensures comfortable passage through the door for the elderly, the disabled and children. On the other hand, more natural light in the rooms is favored by the fix frame narrow frame system. HST doors are available in a wide range of colors and facings, imitating noble materials.

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