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Aluminium Doors london

The Aluminium Doors London system debuted on the global joinery market not long ago. This short period was enough for the products to gain a wide group of supporters not only in the UK, but also in other European countries. Comfort and beauty offered by aluminium doors are appreciated by architects, house owners and property developers . The beginning of 2021 is a time of change for a lot of us after a year long in post Covid time. 


Any of our aluminum doors systems which go hand in hand with the systematic development of the global trend of large-size glazing will change the look of your house and bring well deserved joy to your family.


One of the new solutions available from Aluminium Doors London Company is the system with the possibility of constructing asymmetrical corners. In practice, this means the freedom to combine different types of frames at an angle of 90o. In this way, it becomes possible to create fixed or corners with the possibility to open, with an unequal number of sections on both its arms, e.g. in the configuration of a two-carriageway and four-carriageway frame. The main advantage of the solution is that there is no need to use deep supports, where it is not required by the project. The depth is ideally suited to the requirements of the corner design scheme.


Recently, we presented a revolutionary approach to the subject of the threshold in sliding constructions. The bottom frame and the running gear are recessed into the floor, making them completely invisible. The user only sees an aesthetic, narrow gap of only 25 mm. The slot solution gives you the freedom to arrange the interior in terms of the selection of floor finishes. The use of the same material inside and outside the building on the floors guarantees the effect of completely blurring the boundary between the spaces. What’s more, the slotted construction provides excellent thermal insulation.


The travel of such large and even 1200 kg sashes requires the use of automatic machines from renowned manufacturers. Moreview products presented by Aluminium Doors London  Company such as a mechanism completely hidden in the frame, dedicated to the most demanding investors for whom aesthetic issues are not subject to compromise. The solution allows you to control the leaves in virtually all configurations, including corners and multi-leaf systems. Additional equipment of the device is an overload system that stops the leaf in an obstacle and allows it to be opened / closed even in the event of a temporary power failure.

The second option is the surface solution, in which the machine beam is attached to the upper frame of the door structure from the inside. The option, despite its visibility, is characterized by minimalism and unusual aesthetics. The user only sees a small inspection strip that provides service access. The surfacing machine is available in two variants, ensuring the movement of one leaf or two sliding leaves to the sides.


A removable fin has been added to the single frame used so far in the system, which facilitates the assembly of the glazing unit. In this way, it was possible to produce single-sash fix windows and corners composed of two fixed elements. The solution is compatible with standard frames, which is particularly important when designing structures that are folded repeatedly at different angles.


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