When you have settled on the choice to install Bifold doors in your house, size and placement aren’t the only things to contemplate on. Diverse materials differ with regards to execution, lifespan and obviously, aesthetics — so how to pick?
Aluminium is perhaps the best material when it comes to installation of doorways in your home. This is why to choose Aluminium for your Bi folding Doors:


Strength is amongst the essential components with regards to picking Bifold doors. Bifolding Aluminium Door frames are able to support huge panes of glass, and sufficiently sturdy to withstand steady and constant use along with extreme weather conditions.
Slim Bifolding Aluminium Systems Doors are comparatively stronger than timber or uPVC counterparts and can, therefore, bolster support to more glass on thinner frames. This enables one to keep the framework to a bare minimum level, which leaves the view unobstructed while giving access for light to let in.


Because of the quality of this metal, aluminium can be specified for bay windows and corner posts, which isn’t conceivable with timber or uPVC. Aluminium Bi fold doors are likewise impervious to twisting or flexing, extremely appropriate to variable temperatures as they don’t grow and contract with the variation of heat. This makes Bifolding Doors an incredible choice for coastal locations or beach front spots where they are regularly presented to direct sunlight.
Therefore, Aluminium Bifold Doors are the strongest material available with the available options for smaller casings, more glass and much better perspectives. Slim Bi folding Aluminium Systems Doors are light in weight and simpler to open and close and are best suited for bay or corner windows and doors.

Thermal efficiency

Since glazing makes up a large portion of the Bi folding Aluminium Doors, the glass has the greatest effect on thermal efficiency, however, the aluminium frames can likewise influence the overall performance.
Thermal efficiency can be measured using the U-value. The U-value tells us how great a particular material is in terms of insulation and represents the rate at which heat is passing through a material. Bifold doors should have a U-value of no less than 1.8W/m2. This U-value is relevant for the glass as well as the framework joined. A material is with a lower U-value is a better insulator against heat.

Metal being a good conductor acts as a thermal bridge resulting in rapid heat loss, therefore aluminium has been regularly linked to having poor thermal efficiency. However, most Bi folding Doors incorporate,

a thermal break.,


Aluminium Bi fold Doors can be eco-friendly from something other than a thermal efficiency perspective. Aluminium is widely reused and many organizations make their doorways out of recycled metal. Therefore, Bifolding Doors can incorporate thermal breaks to their frames to cut down the U-value while recycled aluminium lowers the ecological effect of their production.


When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, Aluminium Bi fold Doors do not require a constant repairing, painting or replacement and can stand up to various elements of weather.
Bi folding Aluminium Doors are very low-maintenance since they are usually powder coated and do not need to be repainted. They do not corrode, decay, discolor or twist, and are resilient to fading in the sunlight. They simply require a yearly cleaning with soapy water to keep them in good form. Bifold Doors are able to counteract rusting in coastal atmospheres and are accessible with a marine grade finish as well as chlorine in pools.


While it is important to be practical while making a choice on which material to purchase, aesthetics also play a major role in the decision-making process.
Bi folding Aluminium Doors are typically powder coated. A durable finish in the color of your choice can be made in an Aluminium Bifold Door using A solvent-free powder. One can choose from having a wood-effect or a metallic effect as per their choice. One can also opt to have the interior and exteriors powder coated in alternate colors.
Because of the scope of available finishes, aluminium Bifold doors can without much of a stretch be coordinated to contemporary and conventional homes. The alternative for slenderer Slim Bifolding Aluminium Systems Door frames likewise implies that you can truly make the most out of a view.

Therefore, Slim Bi folding Aluminium Systems Doors enable larger expanses of glass to be incorporated in thinner frames, while powder coating makes it suitable for modern as well as period homes with an extensive variety of colors to choose from.


You ought to not settle on a decision about which Bifold doors to purchase in light of cost alone, yet it is inevitable that cost will come into question, particularly if you have a strict budget plan. One should factor in the durability of an item before marking it down, since it is more sensible to pick something that will last as much as three times longer, regardless of the possibility that it costs double the amount initially.
The price of aluminium Bifold doors can probably put off many individuals since they are the costliest ones. In any case, the expense is one that you are probably not going to need to make again as they last well more than 30 years. Bi folding Aluminium Doors additionally have a tendency to be tougher than timber or uPVC so you are paying for quality.

Bi-Fold System

Uw from 1,5 (W/m2K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glass

Accoustic insulation

Maximum glazing: 34 mm.


Possiblity of dual colour
Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Categories achieved at test centre
Air permeability
(EN 12207:2000): Class 4

Water tightness
(EN 12208:2000): Class 9A

Wind resistance
(EN 12210:2000): Class A3
Reference test 2.70×2.53 m. 3 shases

Security test
(PAS 24:2012): APT
Reference test 2701×2517 mm. 3 shases. Configuration 330

aluminium bi-folding doors


Frame 73 mm.
Sash 73 mm.

Profile thickness

Door 1,8 mm.

Polyamide strip lenght from 20 mm. to 30 mm.

Aluminium Bifold Doors, Bifolding Aluminium Doors

Opening possibilities

Maximum weight/sash

120 kg

Maximum dimenshion/sash

Width (L) = 1.200 mm.
Height (H) = 3.300 mm.

Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions for other opening types.

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