Frameless Glass Rooflights

Frameless Glass Rooflights 

Our striking frameless glass rooflights give a comprehensive answer to coming up with well-lit spaces. Whether it is utilized as a section of an extension, a new-build or refurbishment. This gives an ideal mixture of visible performance and appeal. Frameless structure optimizing on the quantity of light reaching the room underneath. Every frameless glass rooflight is personalized by our able teams in order to meet your specific specifications.
Our framework goes beyond the construction Regulations of energy performance and is separately experimented to extremely severe climate rating operation, offering you total rest- whichever climate it is.


This skyline could be fixed on a roof that is flat with the least pitch ranging from 5o to 15o. A slope that is less compared to this may require being shifted & packed to the last pitch. The angle mitigates the issue of water collecting on the surface of the glass.

Construction and Weather Seals
We construct the flat glass rooflights from an extremely insulated frame whole with an aluminium sash, the inner insulation, and insulated glass. The glass that is insulated is completely covered to the sash using a UV tight silicone.

The Installation of Frameless Glass Rooflights

The structure on the external side is installed in place using the mounting brackets. The roofing membrane or whatever material could then be covered up & over this curb or up-stand by others, making it weatherproof. The inner structure is painted white, allowing inner plasterboard way to be worked straight up.

Insulation & Glazing
With respect to specs & the size, the flat glass rooflights could accommodate a range of 20mm – 44mm doubled glazed weathertight unit. As principal, the system is there in the glass that is toughened with an easy clean coating and neutral anti-sun, with the extremely insulated kerb or up-stand offering a general U-value 1.0W/m2K additionally to an effective sound modification of 34desaBales.

Glass that is toughened

This glass that has been toughened underwent heat temperament to enhance its strength if compared with ordinary tempered glass five times as strong.
besides the strength, another advantage of glass that is toughened is that in the unlikely event which is almost impossible that it may shatter into pieces that are not sharp. The glass is also available ready to the broadest kind of film and could be supplied in wide sheets than the equivalent breadth layered glass.

Where to use Frameless Glass Rooflights

This may be common for commercial structures and buildings for a while. However many clients are ready to install going frameless glass rooflights at their properties nowadays. Both office staff & residents love them since they permit for natural sunlight without allowing excess heat.

Frameless glass rooflights could be found in different forms like sunrooms & skylights as well as a permanent roof for your court. All these present prominent places where you could relax with friends and friends. The intelligent ones in us will also know that a glass roof in many cases will in a way contribute to the resale value of your house.

To be considerate, the glass roofs are much less traditional as compared to many different kinds of roofing including metal and wood decking, but they absolutely do bring an outstanding characteristic to an office space or a home.

Technically looking at it, a glass roof is meant to remain impermeable both around and in the roof’s vents framework and the connection between the roof’s frame and the vent. In that respect, already made vents are in most times just slotted inside the framework by the technician in pretty a similar manner as they would slip in the glass panes. This closes everything tightly securely & completely. So most tiny glass roofs could be manually shut and opened while the larger glass roofs generally will have to utilize a motor-driven pinion system and rack.

Even as glass roofs give great scenic views, the amount of heat permitted in the room underneath could cause an issue during the hot seasons. In that respect, you could use glass that is tinted so that the room maintains cool temperatures.

You could tint the glass using colors that still permit some light into the room, but darkens it slightly so that you never have to go through the trouble of the sun’s extreme heat. More than just keeping the room cool, with a glass roof fixed you get the opportunity to enjoy the starry night, the metamorphosis of the moon, raindrops when it rains and so forth!

Flat Glass Rooflights

A very important factor for a rooflight that is being installed to a roof that is flat is the elevation depended on the roof. Preparation of regulations could leave very little space for movement, and which is the reasons why our products prove to be common among the architects and homeowners as well. We have carefully created minimum visible effect, a moderate profile for rooflight that keeps your neighbours & the local plan authorities happy.

Our whole variety of rooflights is created to be fixed on an upstand that is only 0.15m high, which makes sure that your building maintains watertight and also keeps a thrusting out kind of profile.
Rainwater stagnating on the flat glass rooflights structures could cause worry, but since ours is flush install glazing, the rooflights could meet a sufficient water from the rain run-off with just a 3-degree pitch. Check out our varieties of sliding and fixed rooflights to discover more.

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