1. Approving of preliminary costs for clearing of rubbish from the site by others to one point or near the work premises.

2. Before ordering for materials (approval for drawing), confirmation of the acceptance of the details or structural calculations will be needed.

3. Fabrication production, as well as detail drawings, has not been given a go ahead unless stated, taking on the design responsibility for this project has not been accepted except if stated within the offer.

4. All the access equipment is regarded as to have been supplied free issue by others except if stated in the bid.

5. From the date of making the specification, the price is open for acceptance within the 30 days. Otherwise, on the expiry of the offer, the right to changes in prices will be reserved. (Cost of materials and or exchange rates can vary).

6. No allowance is within the tender for job protection. Meaning, for any security needed, one has to incur additional costs unless the agreement says otherwise.

7. A minimum of six weeks’ notice is necessary before actual work commences on the site following the acknowledgment of the design details unless there is a rejection of the agreement. The difference in the lead times for all the products depends fully on their dates of manufacture.

8. If not indicated in the offer, the costs do not, in any case, allow for a contract bond or collateral warranty.

9. The cost of goods is determined by the products delivered and the type of work in progress during the normal hours of work. The determination comes as a result of an extended tour in the confines of a program that is agreeable mutually. There is also an assumption of the delivery of large and full loads of materials. For the Several visits as well as multiple working phases one will be financially liable unless specifically agreed on and cited in the reference

10. There will be no chance for any work by the builder (BWIC), and for the production of goods, the allowance is deemed by others.

11. All the units have the go-ahead to get fit in the already made openings. Scouting of the site is not among the offers given, except if it is in the quotation.

12. The condition for payment: a non-refundable deposit of 30% for the placement of order. Upon approval of drawing, pay 35% of the total amount. 7 days to the installation, pay the remaining of 35%. It is important to have it in mind that no work in the drawing of designs will commence till the receipt of the non-refundable deposit (funds available for withdrawal).

13. For any orders less than £10,000.00 (in total), the following terms of payment will take effect: one will have to make a deposit payment of 50% and seven days to the installation exercise, pay the remaining 50%.

14. The setting of prices of products and price fixing enabled to a suitable substrate. No one is liable for other people’s substrates or on how suitable the structures in place are to take in new loads applied for doing the job. The drawings will be from the available information as per the survey thus pilot holes may be essential.

15. The identification process is the item description or through the identification of an alternative line product. For decorative aluminum powder for pressings, coating them to a classic RAL color is very much okay. Pressings are for decoration only and are to be attached to an appropriate substructure that is waterproof and provided for (unless indicated in the quotation, the pressings will not go through the waterproof process). An additional cost will result in the case where anodized finishes are applied unless the additional cost is a separate item that is in the quotation or the item is said to be anodized. The configurations for pressings and sizes are usually not shown clearly on the drawings of the architect, therefore, the right to review product prices. The review of commodities after a site survey is necessary to the realization that the important one needs is not the same as the one shown in the drawings as at the initial time/ on the drawing details, not all the full extent of the pressing and the connection details are available.

16. There is a chance for cleaning the installations as they are. But there is no allowance for a final clean, and if there is a need, the equipment will have to be paid.

17. At the commencement of a tendering process, if no program on the contract is given out, then the right to come up with a new sum of contract in light of the acceleration potential or prolonged working is withheld.
18. Any costs set off will not be accepted unless a ten working day notification to the start of the event present. Do not hold anyone responsible for any delays because of the type of job done by the available employed specialists.

19. All efforts are in place to see that the commodity prices fixing is correctly set and to the specified dimensions as per the received information from the various relevant sources. The client has the full responsibility for checking and ensuring that the detailed quotation given out has all the requirements and is compliant.

20. For the areas where there is double glazing, sealing by use of aluminum spacer bars silver or black in color works. The silicone edge is for joining them together. Sealing helps withstand the degrading process and increase the unit’s life expectancy. An assumption that black spacer bars are needed will be adopted unless it is put down in writing or through the email.

21. Unless given any other contrary information, all structural silicon will remain to be black in color.

22. A 12-month guarantee is among the offers on quality. For most of the products, a five-year warranty is on offer. Feel free to ask for the warranty period before making an order.

23. Structural sealants may take a long time before they cure as a result of adverse weather conditions.

24. In the place of any specification, the design and costs will always be like those of the European Union or British standards, nothing less!

25. As far as design is concerned, some allowance has been made to come up with some drawings and after that make some relevant amendments on them. If any changes in the scope of work take place after the drawing preparation stage and the project needs different designing, the charges will be on hourly design rate of £40.00 per hour to come up with new drawings or accordingly amend the drawings.

26. There is an allowance for RAL 9005(black) for the entire roof light glazing as well as for the structural glazing. The glazing will provide for a frame not visible. The RAL color may be requested for but one will have to pay more. For any classic RAL must be in Minimal Window system.
Anodised finishes warrants a request for cost uplift for any of the RAL colors but at an added cost.
Unless indicated in a quotation, Marine Grade Finishes and Stainless steel finishes are not in the finishes.

27. We make no allowance for craneage unless agreed otherwise in writing or shown within our offer. For access to the equipment within the quotation, there are no restrictions. But the right to charge more is there once we realize that more access equipment is required after the access scouting and there is no chance for craneage.

28. Unless there is an indication of site survey, prices are dimension based as it is on offer.

29. We have the powers to charge for any loss or gain on an item is omitted from the package after preparation for drawing. Previously, there have been instances where already prepared, and submitted designs were left out from an order/made by people using the design. The cost of commodities may go up if left out of the quotation as the related costs like labor spreads across all of the items.

30. There will be increased costs for additional metal brackets or strap for the openings except if stated in the quotation.

31. All warranties and guarantees become null and void if payments are not made in full (in situations where clients do not pay anything to the firm).

32. All lead times as per the latest production dates are the guide lead times. No confirmation on the exact delivery date till the drawing approval is received and orders placed for the factory or suppliers.

33. Automated Equipment installation. Power supply connection to the main will be done by other people and not the Aluminium Doors London Ltd.

34. No liability for the inclusion of Nickel Sulphide and or any addition not detected in the glass body. Nickel Sulphide naturally occurs in raw materials and is not recognized during manufacturing. There is no warranty for any glass failure from the manufacturer, supplier or the Aluminium Doors London Ltd or any company related to it. Manufacture of all glass is as per the BS/EN specifications.(toughened glass has +/- 2mm tolerance). If not visible from a distance 3 meters, the lens is said to be acceptable. Tough glass at the corners of glass and in daylight is leaving the 50mm band on all side of the glass edge. Unit replacement will be necessary if the GGF guidelines and tests fail after doing the glass assesment.do not hesitate to ask for a complete copy of the GGF guidelines for more information.

35. All the units will be taken care of until the end of the full installation. After that, it is up to the client to take care of it. Significant to point out also is that while still on the site, the client is as well responsible for any loss or damage.

36. Please note that the manufacturing facility has a 2-week Christmas shutdown period which is added to the lead times when appropriate. Approximately eight weeks is necessary for the first time approval from the approval of drawing on the Minimal Window system. (Unless not put down as changes may occur as per the level of workload). It is worth noting that there is no manufacturing during the Christmas period.

37. Different products use different glass compositions. Small differences are visible when there is the use of varied forms. However, it has never bothered the user of the products.

38. All sizes as per the quotations are single sizes/back of frame or glass sizes. The firm has the right to give the products a different cost on the realization that the item is more significant than the earlier price from the survey site. Work is on a +/- 100mm basis/no more charges unless the product is 100mm more significant than the one previously indicated. Sizes of roof light as is found in the quotation are the dimensions of the real sizes of glass and not specific opening sizes.

39. A 12-month warranty for the oversize units (glass insulated units exceeding 2400mm all sides).

40. Roof or floor lights may experience ponding of water on the surface during the rainy season.

41. There is no space for units with shapes .assumption is that the openings will be standard and square unless if there are any specifications included in the offer or description of the item.

42. Daily rate is Fitter: £40.00 ph. Driver: £25.00 ph. Draftsman: £50.00 ph. Any additional charges for any other things will be at a cost + 25% unless not allowed.

43. From the date of paying the deposit, the price is fixed for the 12 months. If delayed, and the production fails to kick off on time, the right to revisit the quotation is allowed.

44. There is no security at night the work. It is assumed to be the duty of the contractor on site. But there might be provided upon demand but at a cost.

45. Due to the nature of the business, regular actions are usually undertaken to modify or alter systems to work with a specific solution, in a particular superior way or a manner best to the project.
A) Systems fabrication to unimaginable sizes as per the recommendations of manufactures.
B) Fabricate or supply systems not subjected to tests to the dimensions given or the configurations provided or installed.
C) Use of techniques not acceptable by the manufacturer of the system so that they work suitably.
D) Use of methods of fixing not advised by the system’s manufacturer, being modified, or being outside of the manufacturers recommended/ tested sizes.
All the supplies are made with the specific warranty by Aluminium Doors London Ltd or related company, not by the product or system manufacturer. No one is liable for any report by the manufacturer or anyone else due to the supply of standard system products being not as stated with the recommendations of the manufacturer, under modification or being out of the tested recommendations by the manufacturer.